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A great Boston-based Jazz band that'll let your mind unwind, put the hep in your step, the glide in your slide, and the grind in your behind! Known for their great live shows in and around Boston, they'd love to have you down to join the party!
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There ain't no party like a Booty Vortex party. 'Nuff said. If you haven't heard of this ridiculously fun and funky group, you better ask somebody (and then get down to a show)!
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Folk-rock phenoms Rising Tribe bring the noise with pulsing Celtic/Reggae rhythms and driving, anthemic originals. They are definitely a group to watch, keep an eye out (and an ear open) for their eagerly anticipated sophomore album "Land Of The Free".
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Funk-rock veterans Holmes have collectively shared the stage with some of the most influential groovemeisters of the last 30 years. They bring this collective wisdom together with nonpareil live shows and original recordings that compel you to get on up and shake that groove thang!
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Erb Photography is a fast-growing commercial photography business run by Scott Erb. They specialize in small product photography, as well as editorial and commercial portraiture. If you are looking for unique and professional high quality images to separate you from your competition, Erb Photography can help you.

lee whalen content
lee whalen content


Check out the latest media of Lee Whalen—including recent studio tracks and a video from his latest gig with Soulphonic.